Are you ready to learn more about you, your clients, and your coaching practice? If so, consider a new supervision group with Sam Magill. Current and past groups describe a rich and ever deepening exploration. Together, we evoke supervision and the opportunity to support each other in continuing to mature our practices – and our humanity.

Why call it “Simply Supervision”? There are many wonderful tools, methods, approaches, and practices available to enhance our coaching work and the wellbeing of our clients. However, there comes a point for advanced practitioners when it is valuable to build in a pause.  

In my practice of coaching supervision, I strive to keep it simple – identify something that happened, explore what the sources of that event might be, find new ways of thinking and apply the discoveries to our lives and work.  Models, metaphors, and magic emerge as much from participants as from me. They actually emerge in the space between us; the space many describe as sacred.

The result is simple, yet very often profound. A great session ends with participants (including the supervisor) saying, “Wow. I never looked at it that way before.”

  • Who benefits from “Simply Supervision”?

Nearly all the participants in my groups are very experienced coaches who have well-established businesses. They are inquirers by nature and are committed to working insightfully, ethically and authentically. A recent supervisee said, “It is safe enough here to be totally honest with the group and with myself.” Many supervisees are currently saying that the greatest benefit is, simply breathing – taking time out from a crazy world.

In other words, simply supervision!


The purpose of coaching supervision is illumination of the present!

There are many forms of support for coaches: training, mentoring, books, theory, models, assessments……and the unique contribution of supervision is illumination of what is happening right now. As Robin Shohet, a leading author on supervision, reminded me recently, “Everything necessary for this case is present right here, right now.” By understanding what is happening on many levels, the coach has more capability to apply their competence in service of the client.

My further goal is to share short blogs about these many levels and dynamics present in coaching. I might add that organization development consultants and group or team facilitators will benefit as well.

More soon!