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Sam Magill

Leader in providing Coaching Supervision to experienced coaches around the world


• Spot supervision: an urgent situation with a client that needs to be unlocked.

• Individual supervision: Six month and longer engagement to build a safe place for rich reflection and advanced professional development.

• Group supervision: Six month or longer engagement to use the power of group reflection and safe harbor for deep reflection and development.

From Sams Blog

Why all the fuss at ICF about coaching supervision?

Why all the fuss in ICF over coaching supervision? The most succinct answer is maturation of the profession of coaching. When enough learning has accumulated in a profession, there is the possibility that some experienced practitioners become “big beginners”. I heard a story once about petroglyphs created by a certain indigenous people that depict stages […]

Essay on an Emerging Shadow in Coaching, Part Three

What about the coaching profession’s shadow? My concern is that sometimes we coaches – as a profession – over promise. We all make implied or direct promises – it’s called marketing. But at some point, the promises become bigger than the reality. Some that come to mind are: “Get new clients this week, or even […]