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I’m Coach Sam Magill

A coach of coaches – coaching leaders to become more effective and highly valued within their organizations.

Apply for the Coaching Supervision Diploma Program 2021


Orientation: Jan. 22 – Virtual
Pre-work Webinar: Feb. 19 – Virtual
Module 1: March 18-20 – Virtual
Module 2: June 30-July 2 –  in-person
Module 3: Nov. 5-6 –  in-person


Islandwood Centre
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
(near Seattle, WA)

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. 

We offer leaders & their coaches:

  • EXPERIENCE – Over 30 years of helping people learn from their own experience.
  • HONESTY – Proven ability to create a very safe place in which you can be honest with yourself.
  • GUIDANCE – Accompanying you in the ongoing balancing of the past, the future, relationships with others and relationship with yourself.

Sam Magill and Francine Campone discuss coaching supervision.

What can you expect?

The Supervision Diploma Program is an experiential course that consists of three modules, spaced over 12 months. Throughout the program, students will be supported via individual tutorials, mentoring and peer feedback. Webinars will be held throughout the program, and a minimum number must be attended.


This program has been awarded
‘Approved Provider’ status by the ICF.

Orientation will be held virtually on January 22, 2021. This is intended to get students organized and answer questions in preparation for the course work.


The Pre-work webinar will be held virtually on February 19, 2020.  This webinar will outline the course prework that needs to be completed before the first in-person module.

Module #1 - 3 days

Module #1 will be done virtually March 18 – 20, 2021. It will include:

  • Introduction to CSA’s full spectrum Coaching Supervision model, tasks and skills – which incorporates Hawkins’ 7-eyed model
  • Beginning and working within the supervision conversation
  • Coming into multi-dimensional presence and discovering the power of working with energy fields
  • Exploring and working with relationship dynamics
  • Organizations as systems
Module #2 - 3 days

Module #2 will be held in-person from June 30th to July 2nd, 2021 at the Islandwood Centre in Bainbridge Island, WA. Advancing skills and knowledge, it will include:

  • Becoming a reflective practitioner
  • Learning styles and learning spaces
  • Coaching psychology – EQ, SQ through TA, Gestalt, transpersonal psychology
  • Using creative, arts-based tools
  • Multi-party contracting
  • Working with the body and intuition
  • Unconscious factors in coaching supervision
  • Group supervision
Module #3 - 2 days

Module #3 will be held in-person from November 5th to 6th, 2021 at the Islandwood Centre in Bainbridge Island, WA. It will include:

  • Final Assessment of practice and completin of written work: A 4000-5000 word case study and a 3000 word summary of student’s learning journal are part of the final assessment together with the practice assessment
  • Ethics
  • Creative supervision

For general information, application, and registration information, please click here to contact Sam Magill, or click here to contact Lynne De Lay

About Sam Magill

As one of a small number of executive coaches in the United States who has specifically studied coaching supervision, he offers a high level of insight and self-reflection for new and experienced coaches. Sam’s executive coaching clients benefit from his dedication to staying up-to-date on coaching best practices. He brings a rich understanding of issues faced by leaders in settings as diverse as healthcare, manufacturing, high-tech, government, education, and financial services. He helps his clients interpret their experiences and create new responses to complex challenges.
Sam has operated his own practice since 1996. His experience is rooted in work as an internal consultant, coach, and manager at The Boeing Company from 1988 to 1996. Prior to Boeing he was Associate Director of Continuing Education at the University of Washington. His earliest coaching was in 1973 when he coached professionals who had immigrated to the U.S. and sought employment commensurate with their skills.
Sam’s education includes an M.B.A. from California State University-East Bay where he researched performance evaluation, (1977), and coach specific training at the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara (2001), where he also taught coaching from 2002 to 2008. In 2004 he received the status of Master Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation (ICF). He also holds an accredited diploma from the Coaching Supervision Academy, London, England, (2010) and has been teaching their diploma course in the US and in France since 2012. (Sam conducts coaching in French as well as English.)

See what people have to say about Sam

“CSA’s Supervision program has been an extraordinary thought-provoking, transformative developmental experience in a compassionate learning environment. This program has changed how I see myself and how I see the world. I am a better coach because of this program and I am an emerging supervisor.”

“If you are looking for an intensive learning experience that will change you personally and leave you with a new family….this is the one.”

“The Best Self-growth experience for Growing your practice!”

“The overall CSA NA experience is wonderful. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the group. It totally changed my coaching and coaching supervision mindset. For my own development, this program enables me to have strong sense from different angels (full spectrum model, magic box, co-create the session etc).”

“If you are ready to be all in, this is the ONLY supervision training program for you. Be prepared to be amazed!”

From Sams Blog

Why all the fuss at ICF about coaching supervision?

Why all the fuss in ICF over coaching supervision? The most succinct answer is maturation of the profession of coaching. When enough learning has accumulated in a profession, there is the possibility that some experienced practitioners become “big beginners”. I heard a story once about petroglyphs created by a certain indigenous people that depict stages […]

Essay on an Emerging Shadow in Coaching, Part Three

What about the coaching profession’s shadow? My concern is that sometimes we coaches – as a profession – over promise. We all make implied or direct promises – it’s called marketing. But at some point, the promises become bigger than the reality. Some that come to mind are: “Get new clients this week, or even […]

Coaching supervision helps keep coaches in continuous learning and growth through disciplined examination and reflection on all aspects of their work

Coaching Supervision Academy (CSA) has been training since 2005 and introduced Coaching Supervision to North America in 2012. Our approach has a personal and professional focus and is based upon our assertion that “who you are is how you supervise.”

This rigorous program centers on creating a lively partnership with coaches

CSA North America’s Supervision Diploma program helps experienced coaches provide professional supervision to peer coaches and others whose work is relationship focused.

Our course provides enrichment and deepening of your own coaching skills and is a continuation of your personal learning journey. Supervision broadens your range of personal effectiveness and aims to support the highest quality and ethics in your coaching and the positive evolution of the coaching profession.

All CSA courses honor and develop competencies outlined by: International Coach Federation (ICF), European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), Association of Coaching (AC)

This experiential course consists of three modules, spaced over 12 months. Throughout the program, students will be supported via individual tutorials, mentoring and peer feedback. Webinars will be held throughout the program, and a minimum number must be attended. Students are required to work in regular, peer-practice groups throughout the course, to be in supervision, and to work with at least five of their own supervisees during supervised sessions. An extensive library of related articles is provided on USB Flash Drive.

This program has been awarded Approved Provider status by the ICF (81 CCEU credits – includes 8 hours of individual supervision). Click here to email Sam or call 425-501-0399. Click here to email Lynne De Lay or call 413-458-5110.